30 November 2016


31 days in 31 Pictures
1. Hurrikan Matthew

2. Getting prepared for the huricane

3. American Lifestyle

4.Visiting Opa and Oma

5.Bonfire nights
6.Spirit week-Tie dyes

7.Spirit week-crazy sock day

8.Getting a fish

9.My new friend
10.Weird11. Wedding

 12. In love with Aysia and photo booths

 13. Last home game

 14. We love taking Pictures with his car

15. Olivia


 17. Binks

 18. Christian Cuevas is a candidate in the Show the Voice and is a former Student from Freedom
19.On the way to Denver

20.Pumpking carving

21.the pretty fall in denver

22. Mountains

23.Red rock

24. Red rock Amphitheater

25. Red rock Amphitheater

26. Idaho springs

27. Idaho Springs Polariod
28. in love with this dog
29. Rocky Mountains
30. Denver

31. Flying Home to Orlando

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